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Getting registered in the NYSC was not easy. The registration process was slow and tedious. It took more than ten minutes to pass through one step in the process. We corps members didnot help matters either. Trust Nigerians, we were falling over each other in order to get registered. This slowed down the process even further.

However, the whole process could have been hastened if the NYSC officials did the right things. They made the process so cumbersome.

The first process in the regiteration was that our credentials, most especially the NYSC call-up letter, were verified. The NYSC call-up letter was passed through mercury light in order to reveal the hidden security features. This features were used to identify fake NYSC call-up letters and at least one person was caught.

The implication of such a verification process is that it is dependent on electricity and if PHCN takes power the registration process will be halted.Trust PHCN to always live up to its name.

The registration also involved going to about four different offices. In each office we were given forms to fill. In total to complete the NYSC registration each corps member filled up to eight different forms. The funny part about it all was that almost all the forms required thesame data. So why produce eight forms when one or two will do. Isnt it wastful?

After registration we were given a note that enabled us collect our NYSC kits. After collecting our kits we were then allocated to a hostel and then given a meal ticket.

This process took days. More than 500 corps members were yet to be registered as at the date of our official NYSC induction.

It is my hope that NYSC officials will study the registration process and look for ways of making the process easier for NYSC corps members.

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