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Called-up to NYSC at last

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After the disappointments of being turned down for about two batches, I was finally called up to the National Youth Service Corps(NYSC). NYSC, the mandatory one year of national service that every Nigerian graduate of University or Polythechnic must pass through before forging ahead in life , has for several months been a stumbling block to my progress.

I had to wait for about one year before being called up to the NYSC scheme. This one year was a year of uncertainty. Without an NYSC discharge certificate you cannot get a decent job in Nigeria. I could not also start a decent business, because of the uncertainties. What happens to the business if I am called up to the NYSC scheme in three months time? for example. Do I close down the business and go for NYSC or jump NYSC and continue with the business.

Definitely jumping NYSC is out of the question, because this is Nigeria and you cannot imagine what your opponents will use against you when they consider you a threat. So you simply have to be part of any mandatory programme whether you believe in it or not, so as to avoid any future embarrassment.

So you can now imagine how happy I was when I finally received my NYSC call-up letter. The uncertainty has all of a sudden disappeared. I now know that in about one year time I will be able to start any type of business that I want to start.

I was posted to one of the states in the south western part of Nigeria, Ogun State to be precise. Not the worst place to be posted, although I have some challenges of my own one of which is that my Yoruba is very poor.

However, for now what is important is that I now have a considerable control over what happens from now. I can see my future clearer now. Very soon it will be all over and I cant wait.


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